Meet Emerging Band Giant Rooks

Friday 07 June 2019

Encompassing the punk and indie genres, Giant Rooks is a band that effortless blurs music lines. Forming in 2015 in their hometown of Hamm, Germany, group members Frederik, Finn S., Luca, Jonathan and Finn T. quickly started their music journey. Now based in Berlin, the emerging band is quickly rising within the German music scene. Since their debut, they have secured the prestigious Pop-NRW-Award and toured throughout Northern Europe. With the release of their EP Wild Stare and their growing presence within the UK, the band shows no signs of slowing down!

We got a chance to chat with Giant Rooks about everything from their new EP, music influences, and so much more…

What can fans expect the first time they spin the ‘Wild Stare’ EP? 

The songs on the EP mean everything to us and we hope everyone can feel that when they first listen to it! 

What made you want to drop the video for ‘100 mg’ at the same time? 

It completes and adds something to the song. The lyrics are kinda dark, while the music is more up-tempo. The video is somewhere in between & we like that twist. 

Who would you say has influenced your music the most? 

Definitely artists like Bob Dylan & Bon Iver. 

How do you think your hometown of Hamm in Northern Germany has shaped you as musicians? 

Hamm is a small town in Western Germany and since there isn’t so much going on over there, we spent most of our youth in our rehearsal space! It’s good that nowadays it doesn’t depend on where you are from anymore (at least not so much) – music can emerge from anywhere! 

What excites you most about playing to a UK crowd? 

It’s their pure joy of music and the way they are so expressive when attending shows. They really live in the moment and always give 120%. 

What do you want to achieve for the rest of 2019? 

We can’t wait to be back in the UK for a few shows in October! In the meantime, we’ll be writing and recording new songs for our debut album which we will hopefully finish in 2019! 

Make sure to check out Giant Rooks new EP Wild Stare below!