Meet Singer-Songwriter Ryan Ashley

Wednesday 26 June 2019
Words Spindle

Hailing from North London, Ryan Ashley is a singer-songwriter that is breaking down barriers, and creating feel good R&B for music lovers everywhere. At the young age of 15 Ashley started his career as a songwriter, in the time since he has penned material for MNEK, M.O, H.E.R and more.

From winning a Grammy for his writing prowess to supporting music acts like Becky Hill, and Daley on their UK tours, the emerging artist is ready to take center stage in 2019.

We got a chance to chat with Ryan Ashley about his new single INNOCENT, upcoming EP, and more…

Your track INNOCENT is an R&B banger, can you go into the creative process of the track?

Well, thanks so much! I wrote this song last year with MNEK and Kate Stewart. We were really stoned so I don’t actually remember the creative process that clearly but it came together pretty quickly, and then Kate joined us to finish it off.

The song features Kate Stewart, how did you two end up collaborating?

Me and Kate have been friends for 6 years now, I play piano for her sometimes and I’m her vocal producer. We’ve always worked well together and I’m genuinely a FAN, no one else I would’ve rather had on this track but Kween Katherine/she had no choice.

The video for the track is fantastic with such a great vibe. Can you go into the inspiration for the video? What do you want people to take away from it?

Thank you! I’m a Scorpio, so I thrive off of seeing people’s darker sides.. sometimes, especially the ones who seem squeaky clean from the outside. I wanted to show that in this video, Lewis Knaggs (the director) was a big part of pulling it altogether.

We are obsessed with your cover of Toni Braxton’s “He Wasn’t Man Enough,” what made you want to re-create this classic 90’s track?

An underrated bop. I’ve loved this song forever and had never heard a guy cover it before so I changed the key and gave it a moment! A good excuse for me to do the most, which I will always take!

What’s the hardest and easiest part of songwriting?

Feeling uninspired is the hardest part, we all have dry spells, pushing through them can be… treacherous. The easiest part for me is sleeping after the session.

You’ve been professionally writing songs since you were 15 (amazing!), can you describe how your song’s and writing have changed since then?

My insides curl up at the thought of anything I wrote pre 2015. I’ve come a long way. My songs back then were very… serious. I like to have more fun with the songs I write now, not everyday mellow music.

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If you could write a song for any artist who would it be and why?

…Beyoncé, she’s Beyoncé.

Are you working on an EP or Album? Can you give us an inside look at what fans can expect?

There’s an EP coming in July, 7 tracks. I’ve literally been out here for a decade and never released any music, so it feels like a long time coming. It’s a small insight of my brain, I’m just tryna have a good time really.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

Alive, breathing and prospering.

Ryan Ashley will be headlining for the first time at The Curtain Hotel on the 24th of October, for more information and ticket prices, follow the link!