Meet The Creative Mr Hudson

Friday 21 June 2019

Mr Hudson has made his comeback to music with his first album since 2009 with When The Machine Stops. He has spent his time between albums lending his talent to the likes of Janelle Monae, Coldplay, and John Legend. 

With a history of producing, composing, and songwriting, Mr Hudson doesn’t disappoint with this new record. When The Machine Stops explores the exploration of isolation with tributes to the music community. This album has everything, featuring talents from Vic Mensa, Taylor Bennet, Josh Dean and more. The album features 11 originals that embrace a quieter sound

We got a chance to chat with Mr Hudson about his new album, inspirations for the record and so much more…

Your new album When The Machine Stops is absolutely amazing, can you go into the making of the project? 

Thank you! It was a first for me in that i produced and mixed it on my laptop. I’m usually a team player but with this album i locked myself away to get it done. I needed to get focused… obsessed with the details and to avoid the distraction of collaboration. I had a sound in my had that i wanted to bring into existence.

What were some of the main inspirations for the album?

My inspirations are often non musical. Movies like Blade Runner. TV shows like Black Mirror. And of course literature in the form of E.M. Forster’s “The Machine Stops”. I tend to listen to older music for inspo. I’m much more likely to be listening to Chet Baker or Nat King Cole or The Ink Spot

All 11 tracks on the album are fantastic in their own right, each one feels like an inside look into you. Out of all the songs, were there any that were difficult to write? 

Which songs were the easiest? Some songs happen in a day (eg What Do We Do Now?) others take multiple attempts (Chicago) to get them right. Antidote was probably the quickest as it was written and recorded in a couple of hours

You have a few collabs on the album; how did you go about choosing them?

Did you have people in mind when you were creating these tracks?They’re all people I was working with at some point apart from Taylor Bennett. I had to slide into his DMs.

What type of sound did you want this album to encompass? 

Well it was me bouncing off all the nostalgia last September when the internet celebrated 10 years since 808s & Heartbreak. I asked myself what kind of music i would make if i put myself in that same “sad robot” headspace

If you had to describe the album in 5 words or less what would be?

 sad robot in Los Angeles

Will you be touring to promote the record?

definitely but minimally! a grand piano and a laptop and a couple of sharp suits

You’ve worked with some of music’s best like Kanye West and Janelle Monae, how have those experiences impact your own work and style?  

They’re both groundbreaking, forward thinking artists who refuse to be categorised. That’s a reminder to me to question, to push, to change. They both changed my process.

Make sure to check out Mr Hudson new album When The Machine Stops below!