Meet The Mysterious Alternative-R&B Artist BINA.

Thursday 20 June 2019
Words Spindle

Hailing from South London, emerging artist BINA. is ready to solidify her place in the Alternative-R&B realm with her music, aura and lyrics. Pulling from life experiences, including love, loss and milestones, BINA. is able to create music that encompasses what every person goes through.

Her debut EP Humble Abode is fantastic, combining her soulful voice, mellow lyrics and soothing beats. With this being her first record we can’t wait to see what else she brings to the table!

We got a chance to chat with BINA. about everything from her EP, video for her single Stargazing, and so much more…

Your EP Humble Abode is so pure! Can you go into the making of the record?

Thank you! The creative process was really organic – I spent most of 2018 writing songs in my bedroom. It was mostly me playing beats and having my phone on voice recording and then translating that into a studio recording.

You just released a video for your track Stargazing, what was the inspiration for the video?

Stargazing is a reflection of my state of mind at the time of me making the song. I think I was frustrated at a lot of things, but still serene because I couldn’t change much of it; I wanted to reflect that in the visuals. I also just finished watching Stranger Things on Netflix at the time when Chibs and I were planning the video, so that inspired us too.

We are obsessed with your track Summer Breeze remix, what was your favourite track to create on the EP?

Ahh thank you! My favourite tracks (I have two) are Caged Bird – because of how much the lyrics mean to me and I also love the production on it – and Lost Files was really fun to make; I produced that one myself and it represents a transition period from one state of being to another.

You collaborated with rapper KISH! on a couple of your songs, how did you two link up?

We linked up through a mutual friend. I showed TN Caged Bird and he said it was fire and that he knew a rapper who would like it. The rapper was of course KISH! I sent him the track and he f*cked with it so he did the feature. I love the result!

Which artists inspire you when you’re making music?

My biggest musical inspirations come from Erykah Badu, IAMDDB and Jazz music. I also really rate SZA and Solange as songwriters.

If you could collaborate with any one, who would it be and why?

I would love to work with J.I.D. He’s so versatile and his lyricism is insane.

Are there any upcoming performances we could look out for?

Yes! I will be performing at Cargo, London on August 31st as part of Global12 Festival. I’ve also got a few more dates I’ll be announcing – stay up to date with these via my Instagram and Twitter.

In 5 years time where would you like to see yourself?

I see myself continuing to carve my own lane in Alternative R&B, performing worldwide. I always wanna connect with my listeners through my music and keep it real.

Make sure to check out BINA.’s new video for her single Stargazing below!