Meet the Scandinavian Duo FOOL

Tuesday 11 June 2019

Hailing from Denmark, the duo FOOL is a music act that should be on everyone’s radar. Comprising of singer AÐRIAN and producer JABS the two first met through a mutual friend, and since then have perfectly worked off each others talent, balancing each other like Ying and Yang.

With their newest single WDWGFH featuring rapper Kelvyn Colt making the rounds, over 50 million combined streams, the rising artists are ready to show the world what their music is made of.

We got a chance to chat with FOOL about everything from their new video, how the group was created and so much more!

Your guys new single WDWGFH featuring Kelvyn Colt is fantastic, how did this link up happen? 

The link-up happened through our management. Coincidently, Kelvyn’s manager is Danish and this is the first feature we’ve ever done. It is important to us, that the reason for doing work with other people is creatively driven and that we connect with the artist on a personal level. We instantly connected with Kelvyn in the studio, as his creative process is very similar to ours. Most of the session we talked about what we wanted to say with the song, and we gave Kelvyn time to tap into the narrative of the song, which he did brilliantly

The video for the song is so trippy and features the use of mirrors, what was the inspiration for the video? Is there something specific that you two wanted fans to take away after watching?

Oh, we love that question! The video is co-directed by JABS, who also came up with the idea. The video is inspired by the Greek myth of Narcissus, the hunter who falls in love with his own reflection in a river, which is the origin of the term “Narcissism”.  “I wanted a visual concept for the song, which could sum up the theme of the song. The first word that came to mind was “narcissism” and the idea of mirrors as an esthetic dogma. So, the underlying symbolism is that of superficiality and the preoccupation with ones own image. All of which is our subtle comment to the world anno 2019. And in the end, it just looks dope, ‘cause the video constantly messes with your perception of what’s real and what’s a reflection.”

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Describe your sound in 5 words or less

Music for the pure hearted … 😉

Can you two go into your creative process while in the studio?

We’ve always had a very fluid creative process. Not one track of ours is done in the same way. We write and produce everything together and with no one else involved. It’s a constant flow of bouncing ideas off each other. First and foremost we trust each other’s intuition and skills. From early on we agreed that it wasn’t important who comes up with what. It’s always about the best ideas and what serves the music. We talk a lot about what we want to put into the world, and that it is important to be original and play to our strengths rather than chasing something we’re not.

How did FOOL come to be? When did you two link up?

We met through a mutual friend, Waqas, who’s a member of the legendary Danish hip-hop group, Outlandish. Adrian is from an island in Denmark called Bornholm, where he still lived at the time. We met for a one-day studio session with Waqas, and that was about it. A year passed and we hooked up again, as we both lacked creative partnership in our lives. Adrian moved to Copenhagen and slept on the floor in a warehouse near JABS’s apartment, where we started writing songs. We still make all our music in the living room at JABS’s.

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Who or what are some of your biggest motivators when you guys are creating music

We often talk about this. There’s so much great music out there and so much music of great importance has been made through history, so we aim to always have that in mind. So, our biggest motivator is probably to measure ourselves up against the greatest music made, whether it’s Beatles, Kanye or Beethoven. Not to say, that we have made the greatest music ever, that’s up to the test of time, but we feel that it’s important to see our music or music in general in that context. Mediocrity is a waste of everyone’s time and if you want to tip in, do it with the ambition of the best and with respect for the greats. That’s how we feel at least

When did you two realize that you wanted to pursue music? 

It sounds like a cliché, but we both always knew. And that’s probably what we had in common from day one. It’s all we ever wanted to do! Make great music. If we can create something, which resonates in people, that’s our greatest pleasure in life

With a total of 6 tracks out (they are absolute bangers by the way) what can fans expect from FOOL this year?

Thank you so much! Well the plan is to release a couple of singles more, and then release some kind of album in the fall. We aim for around eight to ten songs. Our main focus right now is to make more tunes, and see where we can take things in between live gigs throughout Europe. One thing is for sure; you’ll be hearing a lot more from FOOL before the end of 2019!

Make sure to check out their new video for the track WDWGFH with Kelvyn Colt below!