Premiere: Tessa Rae ‘Heart Feels’

Thursday 27 June 2019
Words Spindle

Tessa Rae dives into the “mushy-gushy” world of romance with her brand new single ‘Heart Feels’. Embracing a dark urban-pop sound on the record, Rae is proving to be one of the hottest emerging artists out now.

Hailing from Oakland, California Rae’s love for music started at young age. From taking piano lessons and writing poetry in grade school to listening to her dads extensive record collection, her music prowess has been constantly changing and maturing.

A move to LA at age 12 would change everything for the rising artist. Being surrounded by fashion and music, her eclectic taste in genres only got bigger, with her focus shifting to hip hop. At age 19 she decided to take a leap of faith and leave university to pursue her career in the industry, full time. Since then, Rae has been grinding non-stop, releasing singles and her first EP Young Blood in 2017.

We got a chance to chat with Tessa Rae about everything from her new single ‘Heart Feels’, upcoming projects and more…

Your new track ‘Heart Feels’ is absolute fire, can you give us some background on how the song came to be? 

My producer, vinny, was playing through some tracks he had made. At the time we were doing a lot of trap-centric stuff, but this song just felt so mushy gushy from the start. I knew it would be a love song. It just made my heart feel so warm. I ran with that vibe.

This record is pretty intimate, did you find it hard to open up when you were writing it?

I remember writing it on my producer’s couch. He was just chillin’ and it all really flowed out. I was in a relationship at the time and hadn’t written a song about it yet. I’m bad at opening up in real life but through song it’s so much easier.

What do you hope listeners take away from the track?

I think above all else this song is really about opening your heart and taking a leap of faith. Not everything is going to be perfect, but if you can grow together, and be honest about your feelings…I think that’s what love is.

What do you love most about creating music?

The feeling of the unknown. I feel so lucky that I can go to work every day and not know where it’ll take me. Some days are fruitless, but then when you least expect it, you create something really beautiful out of nowhere.

Your music is full of all the vibes, especially ‘Awesome’ it’s such hype track, what was your intention when you were creating the song? 

Awesome’ was me just letting go and having fun. I overthink a lot of my music. I try to make everything really honest and intimate. But ‘Awesome’ was just a “let’s see how fun we can make this song” moment.

Do you have plans to release an EP or album this year?

Yes, I’m working on it as we speak! I’m thinking an EP… just not sure when. I’m always reinventing and I gotta make sure this next project is 100% me. I’m really trying to live in the present and allow the universe take me where I need to go!

Where do you hope to be as an artist 5 years from now?

In 5 years I hope be singing to thousands of strangers every night and impacting their lives in a really meaningful way. I wanna help people relate to being human. I’d love to have my own label one day and help other artists bring their vision to life. And who knows maybe a clothing line! Or shoes… shoes would be sick. Oh…and a Grammy, cuz duh.

Make sure to check out her brand new track Heart Feels below!