Spindle Selects Takeover: Daisy Maskell, KISSFM Breakfast Host and 4Music Presenter

Friday 07 June 2019

Spindle Selects has been taken over by none other than the amazing Daisy Maskell. At just 21-years-old, She has been killing it as one of the host’s for KISS fm‘s UK breakfast show. Along with being a radio personality, she is a host on one of the UK’s most popular music and pop culture channel’s 4Music.

Her love for music and pop culture runs deep, so brace yourselves for her favourite tracks of the week.

*spoiler alert* A ton of bangers will be present!

Mostack ft Stormzy- Shine Girl

Mostack screams British summertime for me. He brings the heat that is inevitably lacking throughout July and August…and as for Stormzy; he does nothing but show up and deliver every time. I spoke to him recently about his upcoming album, he emitted an aura that told me he was sitting on the hottest commodity ready to hit the market.

Joy Crookes – Hurts

She just gifted us her EP Perception and listening to it is like waking up on a Sunday morning, feeling fresh and free from a hangover.

Ty Dolla $ign ft J Cole- Purple Emoji

Always up there in my most recent…the song and the choice of emoji in the title. Still single. Still looking.

Ed Sheeran ft Chance The Rapper & PnB Rock- Cross Me

We knew something was coming…Ed Sheeran has a unique ability to drop new music that feels so familiar; as if its sound tracked your entire existence whilst delivering a complete curveball at the same time.

Kodak Black – Needing Something

This is what I’m listening to when I should be sleeping!

Col3trane- Heroine

I’ve developed a possessive arrogance towards Col3trane because I feel I “discovered him early” yes, I’m channelling THAT friend. Few things are tolerable when travelling to work at 4:30am. His music makes it onto that list which only adds to my bias.

Mae MullerAnticlimax

I have such selfish and unrealistic expectations of this girl’s workload. Whenever she drops anything, I’ll play it back to back for hours and then I’m pining for the next project.

Katy Perry- Never Really Over

A guilty pleasure that has the craziest story tied to it. I got to preview this song in a tiny studio with Katy herself. I have a face that immediately tells you my inner thoughts and so when asked first hand to give my initial opinion seconds after a play button was hit, my heart dropped. I’ve had to sing the chorus in secret for weeks before it was released because it’s all that’s been in my head.

Cleo Sol- Sweet Blue

When I first heard this, I thought it would be perfect to add to a playlist to put on when I’m working. I soon realised it induces a serious state of procrastination as it narrates the dreamscape tape playing out in my mind of me rolling in a field with clear skin, in the heat of summer.  

DJ Khaled ft Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Big Sean- Jealous

Sometimes a DJ Khaled quote is the only thing that motivates me to start my day. I’m not ashamed and neither should you be.

DouinaUP 4 AIR

Her music forces you to breathe easy.

Young Thug ft J Cole & Travis ScottThe London

Does Travis Scott have 92 hours in his day when the rest of us are stuck with 24? He is everywhere, with everyone…he’s also the greatest bout of positive PR that autotune has ever received.

Make sure to check out all of Daisy Maskell’s picks on our Spotify Playlist below!

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