Introducing Emerging Folk-Rock Artist Jeremie Albino

Wednesday 10 July 2019
Words Mimi Wright
Photography Anielika Sykes

With a voice that is husky and reminiscent of the wide open spaces of your childhood, Jeremie Albino is soulfully rocking his way into our hearts. His new album, ‘Hard Time’ is set to be released Aug. 9, and it features a compilation of edgy folk and soft rock.

We got the chance to ask a few questions of our new favorite folk singer, from his inspiration for his debut album to his goals for the remainder of the year. 

What are you most excited for about your debut album ‘Hard Time’ release?

I think I’m most excited to finally have a record out and just be able to share it with the world. I’ve been working on this record for the past couple years but some of these songs were written long before that. In fact, the first song I ever wrote “Shipwreck” is on the record. Every time I play a show people are always asking if I’ve got a record and it’ll be nice to have a new answer for them!

When and why did you get into music?

I started playing harmonica when I was around 8 or 9, learning from this old how-to book that was laying around the house. I slowly picked up other instruments, guitar, banjo then fiddle. First band I ever played in was a folk band with some of my best friends. I come from a musical family, I guess music has always been in my blood and has always been a pretty big part of my life, but it wasn’t until a couple years ago when a few good opportunities came up that I got the chance to hunker down and start focusing on my own project and really figuring these songs out.

You have such a relaxed but cool vibe. How do you feel when you perform?

A: Ahh thanks, cool haha. I’ve always loved performing. To get up there and give the song the energy and emotions it needs to give it life, I always feel pretty lucky to be able to perform live. I realized it’s not every day that you get to feel the energy and emotion of a live show. I think that’s why live shows can sometimes be so special.

Where do you get your inspiration from for your music?

A: I get inspired from my day to day. The people in my life but I also get a lot of inspiration whenever I meet new people or places I’ve never been. Also, other people’s stories are a big source. I listen to a lot of podcasts, radio and audio books when I’m working. So, I’m always listening or coming across some kind of story in my day to day.

‘Hard Time’, your debut album is set to be released early August. Can you tell us some of the stories behind the songs on the album?

Yeah well for example speaking of radio and podcasts the song “Wildfire” on the record came from a time a couple years ago. There were these big wildfires going on in Alberta, and I was listening to a radio interview with a firefighter. He started explaining how dry it was and how dark the days were because of all the smoke and that it the fire wasn’t spreading directly from the ground but more from the embers flying away and catching elsewhere and slowly spreading that way.  Another tune, “Last Night,” was inspired by the first place I had ever gone dancing. It was this old dance hall on this dead-end country road. The first time I had ever gone I was the designated driver and had never gone out dancing before, I didn’t realize how much I loved it, I ended up being the last one on the dance floor haha. It’s about going out and falling in love and just having fun.

You are from Toronto but spend your time in Prince Edward County. How do your surroundings influence your music?

It’s just a different pace out there than the big city. And it influences a lot of my writing when I’m out on the farm. I get a lot done when I’m outdoors or if I’m working on the farms. Some days I’m just out weeding the garden or I’m out riding a tractor all day and I’ll come up with a line and just start singing and making up melodies acapella, by the end of the day sometimes I’ve got a song haha. It’s also different from being on the road. I think being home and trying to be outdoors and active, eating good food, and getting enough sleep is just good for ya!  I guess it’s also good for writing too haha!

What is your goal for 2019, once you have released your debut album?

I’m just looking forward to hitting the road and touring as much as I can. Getting in front of as many people as I can and giving ‘em a show they’ll remember! Also, I guess I’ll have to start working on the next record haha I had my whole life to write this one; who knows what’s next!

Make sure to check out Jeremie Albino’s latest track Hard Time below!