Introducing Pop Songstress MIA GLADSTONE

Monday 01 July 2019
Words Spindle

MIA GLADSTONE is the next “self-love” pop icon that needs to be on your music radar. Hailing from New York City, she not only writes her own music but she produces her tracks as well.

The “triple threat” is creating her own path in music with her unique sound and voice. Citing Amy Winehouse and Madlib as inspirations, Gladstone is ready to give listeners an inside look into her mind through her eclectic music. Her newest tracks Booty Getting Fatter! and Baby Don’t Worry are a great examples of what this vegan songstress is made of!

We got a chance to chat with MIA GLADSTONE about everything from her track Baby Don’t Worry, creating new music and more…

We are loving your single Baby Don’t Worry, the sound is just out of this world! Can you go into the creative process of the track? 

Baby Don’t Worry was fueled by love, weed, and coffee. I wrote it right after I returned from a five week audio engineering program in Ohio. The program in Ohio was my first experience truly living on my own, and feeling like an adult. Coming from a suburb in New Jersey, rural Ohio was a huge culture shock. I was surrounded by people different from anyone I had ever experienced before. They made me feel liberated and excited for life, which ultimately resulted in my EP; GROW. 

Baby Don’t Worry was the second song I made with Alex Fitts of The Kickdrums for the EP and has always been my favorite track. It all started with Alex’s Juno 106 and my chords were inspired by its library of sounds. From there, Alex’s drums & bassline carried the track and I added my vocals. 

The video for the track has a psychedelic and trippy vibe, can you go into the message and what wanted your fans to take away from it?

I wanted to create a video that would adhere to the ambiance of my vocals and the world I have created with my artistry. In this video, and in all my videos, I want my audience to feel unburdened by conventional aesthetics. I want my visuals to make people feel like they can express themselves in whatever manner they desire– whether it be naked covered in glitter or alone in the desert in a silk pajama dress. 

We shot desert scenes months prior to the studio scenes. It was a 107 degree day in Anza Borrego and we had to keep running in and out of the air conditioned car to stay functional. My friend, Brooke Eliot, came up with the idea to play with reflection. Her and Jake Lewis also helped direct it and planted a bunch of mirrors in the sand. 

It was a few months later that the more alien-esque scenes were shot in New York at Beyond Studios. I had shot the look for that video a year before with my friend, Julia Fischer (@babygoatgirl on instagram), who I met my sophomore year in high school hiding behind a tree to get out of the two mile warm-up for track practice. More than five years later we are both artists and often work together! We did a random full body glitter photoshoot in her parent’s bathroom which birthed the concept for the Baby Don’t Worry video. Cupid (@cupidsvault) recreated the look for the video and I felt really confident in the way they portrayed me. I think the combination of these totally different settings (on opposite sides of the country) worked really well with the vibe of the song – because I’m speaking to myself and to my listeners – trying to empower and instill self worth & confidence. It’s a reminder to not be doubtful and to just be free. 

When creating music, what do you need to get your artistic vibes flowing?

It’s very situational. I can usually just get up and do it as long as I commit my mind to it. Sometimes I’ll smoke to gain a different outlook when im creating but I try not to depend on weed as I have a lot in the past. I’ve always known I could write songs just as well when I was sober, but for a little I used it as a security blanket. Truthfully, it all works as long as I’m inspired by whatever I am creating. 

What’s are the pros and cons of producing your own music?

I don’t see any cons of producing your own music unless you’re limited to only yourself. One of my favorite aspects of making music is collaboration – you can still produce your own songs with the help of your peers! Pros are complete creative control and free expression.

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Growing up, which artist really spoke to you?

Amy Winehouse always resonated with me on a deeper level. The way she wrote felt like an extension of my feelings and thoughts and her voice was out of this world!!!

She was so raw. She didnt care if what she was saying would flatter her or not – it seemed she had no ego in that regard – she didn’t care about how she was displayed to the public from sharing her mind – she was also so young and didn’t let that define her. I feel her on an even deeper level now because I deal with the same shit. I usually don’t address my age because I don’t want people to say “you’re young, you have time, be patient,” etc i just want to create and be successful and happen to be young while it all happens

Are you working on an album or EP?

I have an EP called GROW coming out in August and in the meantime i’ve been creating a bunch of songs and collaborating with artists and friends. I’m also loosely working on a producer project where i’m having different people rap/sing/vocalize over my beats. 

When I work im typically never thinking of where the music will fit or how i’ll release it I just do it to express myself and then it always seems to come together

Are there any artist at the moment that you would love to collaborate with?

I’d really love to make songs with tyler the creator. I’m so inspired by him. It’d also be really cool to work with mf doom. He is so fuckin unique and his beats make my heart sing!!!!!!!!

Make sure to check out her track Baby Don’t Worry below!