Introducing The Malibu Barbie Miya Folick

Monday 08 July 2019
Photography Lucy Sandler

If you’re in need of an artist that makes intellectual, relatable and emotional music than our girl Miya Folick is for you. The indie-rock artist has been making moves since her 2015 Strange Darling EP, cementing her status as an artist to watch. Now back with a new single Malibu Barbie, Folick is ready for a 2019 take over unlike any other.

Born and raised in sunny California, the rising singer took a stab at music after choosing not to continue attending New York University. Buckling down and learning how to play the guitar, Folick soon recorded her debut EP. She has continued to release music since then, with a second EP release in 2017 and her debut album Premonitions in 2018.

We got a chance to chat with the Miya Folick about everything, from her new single, inspirations, and so much more…

1. Your new single Malibu Barbie is amazing, can you go into the making of this track? What was the creative process behind it?

 I wrote Malibu Barbie in the same period of time that I was writing Premonitions. Justin Raisen (the producer) lives down the hill from a meditation center in Los Angeles. We took an acoustic guitar up there and sat in the garden. I was just messing around and started playing the guitar line, but we got kicked out because apparently you’re not supposed to play music on the premises. We were also accused of smoking (we weren’t).  So we took it down the hill to Justin’s and, I don’t know, the lyrics just came out. I was feeling very lazy so I recorded all the vocals sitting down. Those are the vocals that ended up on the final song. We never recut them.

2: What was the inspiration while writing the song?

I don’t really remember what I was thinking about specifically. But, the song is about my exploration of my own femininity along with my exploration of participation in beauty activities. I think I grew up with a bit of judgement toward these types of activities– getting your nails done, bleaching your hair, wearing makeup. But, in my twenties, I realized that my judgement was partially a result of some internalized misogyny, and I decided that I wanted to engage with them and see how they really felt for me. But, I think there was a point at which I took this exploration too far. I became hypnotized by this idea of becoming the perfect and most ideal woman. That period is represented by the outro of the song where I’m fantasizing about everything being perfect. The end of the song is the point at which I stepped out of that beauty rat-race.

3: When you create music who or what do you look towards for inspiration?

 I look inside myself. 

4: You played at the All Points East festival this year, what was that experience like for you?

It was really fun! Victoria Park is so beautiful and the line up was great. I watched Christine and the Queens and cried and danced. 

5: You’ve been releasing music since 2015, how have you changed since then both personally and musically?

I have more clarity about what I want. I think that’s just getting older.  

6: If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

I’d love to collaborate with a lot of artist. Kamasi Washington, Christine and the Queens, Westerman to name a few. I’d also really like to collaborate with my mom. I think we could make a good song together. 

7: Is there and album or EP in the works?

 There’s a lot of music 🙂 

Make sure to check out her new single Malibu Barbie below!