James McVey: Host Of Barbour International Summer Sessions

Tuesday 09 July 2019

James McVey, lead guitarist from The Vamps is adding the title of hosting under his belt with his new partnership with Barbour International Sessions. The new summer edition series, will have McVey sitting down to interview a few of his favourite emerging artists, as well as introducing some of their fantastic performances.

We got a chance to chat with James McVey about his partnership with the legendary brand, start in music, and so much more

What does Barbour International mean to you?

Barbour to me, screams British heritage. I grew up in the countryside on the south coast of England, we would have weekend family walks, and you’d always see Barbour along the walk. I think that’s kind of what it is, getting out of the city and getting a bit dirty or wet. You know that Barbour gets better with age. I think few brands in the world have that sort of aura around them and I think Barbour does that for England. That’s why I love it. I think it replicates an iconic time in history that’s somehow timeless.

How did your collaboration with this legendary company come to fruition?

I’ve been wearing Barbour for ten years, and every time they have released or done something, I’ve always interacted with it online. Whether it’s a launch or something. Like Steve McQueen, I’m quite into that time and history, and whenever there’s a campaign, it always looks sick, so I like it or tweet. It’s just been something that has been building every year, sort of like supporting the brand and vice versa. My fiance has also shot a few campaigns for Barbour and it all sort of lined up.

When did you realize that you wanted to pursue music?

It’s hard, because growing up in a relatively small town, it’s always that thing of having the passion but thinking not many people from where I grew up made it in the music industry. I think the real moment for me was when I met our manager, after inviting me to London – I’ve never been before – I met with him, and he said he wanted to make a band with me. I was 16 then, and that was the day that sort of changed everything. I haven’t really looked back and it’s been crazy since then.

If you could work with any artist who would it be and why?

It’s really difficult, because the cliche answer is like Ed Sheeran. I like working with people that are slightly different. People like Callum Beattie would be awesome. We’ve done DJ collaborations in the past so it would be cool to work with The Chainsmokers. Lewis Capaldi.

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What are you looking forward to the most, from hosting these sessions this summer?

I think finding new music for everyone. Giving people a new favorite playlist. 

If you could describe Barbour international in 5 words or less what would it be and why?

Iconic British Heritage That Lasts

Who inspires you musically?

We’ve been making music for eight years now, and I think it’s more of the “What” than it is “Who”. So it’s more life that inspires us. We listen to everything and take inspirations from everything.

Check out James McVey host Barbour International Summer Sessions on their YouTube below!