Meet Grammy-Nominated Producer and DJ Coucheron

Thursday 11 July 2019
Words Spindle

If you’re in need of an artist that can make some serious bangers than Coucheron is for you. The Norwegian producer, DJ and electronic musician has been making the rounds within the music industry. His singles have garnered millions of streams and he has worked on remixes for Nick Jonas, Pitbull and more.

We got a chance to chat with Coucheron about everything from his latest single “Cold” , his Grammy nomination and so much more…

Your track “Cold” is full of summer vibes, Can you give us some details on the making of the song?

Thank you! Sval and I spent two days in my studio right before new years. We did a song for her called “Ruined Your Party” (you def want to check that one out as well!), and Cold. It all went super fast, she’s such a pro. 

Not only is the production amazing, but the lyrical content is pretty deep as well. Can you go into the songwriting process for “Cold”

Sval wrote these lyrics, but to me the song is about moving on from not-so-dope people.

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TOMORROW ❤️🥰❄️ like if u ever been cold

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During the early stages of the record, did you have Sval in mind to be the vocalist?

She was there through the whole process, so I never had anyone else in mind, really. Wouldn’t change her voice for anyone 🙂

“Cold” is your second single for 2019, do you have plans of releasing an EP or album soon? 

Maybe an EP is in the works??? I don’t feel like doing an album unless there’s a genuine reason behind it. I think I’ll just know when time is right to do so. But I’ve got so many awesome ideas and songs laying about so I’m gonna make a bundle of some sort, if not an album by the end of year.

Your collaboration with Kehlani earned you your first GRAMMY nom, what was running through your head when you got the news?

It felt super-surreal. I remember needing some good news at the time. That mixtape was soooo dope, but all thanks to Kehlani really, I didn’t feel to deserving. Unfortunately I was in Norway at the time so I didn’t attend any of it.  I was laying in bed, enjoying a glass of wine as The Weeknd won.

When did you know that music is something you wanted to pursue?

There never was a solid plan b, really. I’ve always played instruments and got introduced to FL Studio at 14. Been hustling ever since. I guess after high school, when I started going to LA a lot, is when I felt like this could be a full-time thing. I was lucky to start out young and have parents who supported me. I think it takes a whole different grit to pursue it later on.

What is the easiest part about producing music? What is the hardest?

Good question!! Getting a cool idea started is surprisingly easy, most of the times. It can come in so many ways, too. Just jamming at the piano or some keyboards. Doing weirdo sound-design stuff, or making drum loops tends to spark a dope idea at some point.

Finishing a song, on the other hand, is something I’m TERRIBLE at. I get really depressed browsing through older ideas and realising I never managed to finish them. If anyone who reads this, is good at finishin stuff, pleeease hit me up. 

Who are some of your biggest influences?

So many artists from so many different genres, but I’d say my biggest influences in sound are Daft Punk (and Ed Banger stuff like Justice, Sebastian), Basement Jaxx, Lemaitre, Arctic Monkeys, Mew and Vampire Weekend. Timbaland also.

Make sure to check out Coucheron’s latest single Cold below!