Meet Singer-Songwriter Sandro Cavazza

Monday 08 July 2019
Words Spindle

Starting his career busking on the streets of L.A., Sandro Cavazzas music journey has been full of steady grinding and dedication. Hailing from Sweden, Cavazzas love for music started at a young age. From Eagle Eye and Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Queen and ABBA the rising artist surrounded himself with an eclectic variety of artists and genres.

Attending the Rytmus music school in Stockholm, Cavazza worked on his craft and talent. Traveling the world and dealing with family hardships became a driving force for his song writing. After a case of vocal nodules, he packed his bags and headed to the Los Angeles to mold and strengthen his writing prowess.

After gaining traction as a songwriter he was soon discovered by the late Avicii and collaborated on his 2015 album Stories. He soon signed to Universal Music and continued to release music including his latest track ‘Enemy’.

We got the chance to chat with Sandro Cavazza about everything from his music, working with the late Avicii and more…

So you started out busking on the street in LA and you now have over 10 million listeners on Spotify – Is there anything you wish you had known then that you know now?

That hard work actually pays off. It’s really like that cliché saying: when effort and luck happen at the same time, life rewards you for all the time spent doing something. 

What do you hope listeners walk away with after listening to your music?

If they end up getting strength or energy from my music, I think that’d be the most beautiful outcome.

How has the journey been going from Universal Sweden to Island Records in the US?

Both are great teams and it’s amazing when people believe in your music. The team at Island records have been so supportive and it makes me wanna write & work even more!

Your song ‘High With Somebody’ has achieved platinum status – did you anticipate it being that big of a hit when you wrote it?

I wish! I felt it was special, but never knew how special. 

What inspired you when writing your newest song ‘Enemy’?

It really started with me and Victor Thell just writing a verse that we really loved and the lyrics just happened after that. It felt so natural to write a love song from that perspective of not really wanting to let go.

You have pretty diverse music taste with interests ranging from ABBA to Bon Iver. What made you choose to immerse yourself in the EDM world?

Life really took me there! working with Tim (Avicii) really made me appreciate the genre and since then it’s just been natural for me. I never start writing something thinking it will fit a specific genre though. 

How was your experience co-writing Avicii’s Stories album?

That was early on in my career so it was a bit different then the later collabs we did. I was living in LA at the time and hadn’t met Tim in person yet so it was a bit like dating online. Me and Dhani co-wrote 2 songs for that album, and we sent it all to Tim. It wasn’t until after the release of “Gonna Love Ya” that I met Tim for real and the rest was history.

Is there anything exciting coming up that fans can look forward to?

More music is on the way and some collabs to begin with! 

Make sure to check out Sandro Cavazzas latest track Enemy below!