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Review: Fragile Creatures- Dear Michael / She Makes Me Nervous

Thursday 24 May 2012

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Words Spindle

Fragile Creatures describe their music as “End Of The World Music”. I’m not sure you’d want to be listening to Dear Michael as the world crumbles around you though. It’s depressing enough to imagine our existence ending in a cataclysmic explosion, without having this dreary song being the soundtrack to our deaths. Dear Michael sounds like a slow, dour, Chili Peppers reject ballad. If you were going to a picnic where Jim Jones was serving special Kool-Aid, then this is the track that would be playing as you take your final sip.

She Makes Me Nervous, is slightly more tolerable. An easy romp, showcasing that iconic Brighton guitar pop sound that became a mainstay on our playlists during the nineties. That’s the only real problem I found with this release, is that it sounds so nineties. The pace of the song is great though, with some Ska elements that made me want to kick into a fierce skank/ running-man contest with my flat-mate, unfortunately though, there were not enough of those elements in the song to warrant another listen. Vocalist Aaron Neville brings a much needed grit to the song. The parts of the record where Neville gets to really use his range and vocal strength are impressive and left me wanting more of that gutsy sound pumping out from the vocals.

For their debut single release, Fragile Creatures gives us a taste of what’s to come. Definitely a band to keep an eye on as they grow and develop their sound further.

Words: Brent Randall