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Position of the Week: The Band Side Walk

Thursday 16 January 2014

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Get into the perfect position to shake that ass this week.

The Band Side Walk
This move strengthens and stabilises the glutes and hips.

1. Wrap a resistance band around both legs, just above your ankles.
2. Position your feet shoulder width apart, keeping the band taut.
3. Bend your knees slightly into a half-squat position, keeping your feet in line with your shoulders and facing forward, with your body weight evenly distributed.
4. Maintaining the half-squat position, shift your weight over your left leg and take a step sideways with your right leg.
5. Keep your hips level during the movement and move in as straight and smooth a line as possible.
6. Slowly shift your weight to your right leg and bring your left leg inwards, maintaining the tension of the resistance band.
7. Continue for 10 side steps, then perform on the other side. Repeat for 3 sets.

Position text: Charli Cohen
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Illustration: Rosco Brittin