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Interview: Theme Park

Thursday 16 August 2012

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You’ve got to be damned sure about your music to be able to sum it up as succinctly as “pop music”, without needing to draw in a myriad of influences to define yourself by association. Yet that’s exactly how Theme Park guitarist and vocalist, Marcus Haughton describes it. Post-punk-infused tropicalia might be a more apt way of putting it, though.

But it’s this bare bones approach to all things musical that defines what they do. From their good-time invoking name, which screams a lack of pretension – it’s derived from their former bassist’s trip to South America’s rather oddly named Jesus Theme Park – and long summer days without a care in the world, to the music itself: a canvas of lovingly crafted, sepia-tinted, danceable indie.

The band have undoubtedly spent countless summers with one another, too. The brainchild of twins Marcus and Miles, who “have always been making music together,” three quarters of the line-up had already been cemented before they were even out of primary school, having met guitarist Oscar Manthorpe while still in the early years of their education and “messing about musically together ever since.” Sibling rivalry never managing to get in the way of the brothers Haughton either: “There are always creative debates to be had,” explains Marcus, “but it’s nice to be doing something we really enjoy with people who are great friends.”

Flash forward 20-odd years and all that time spent jamming out the glitches in their punk-funk maelstrom appear to have paid dividends. Having released their debut single, A Mountain We Love/Wax, through Transgressive’s 7” singles label, Parydise, last August and conquered the blogosphere in the process, they’re now moving on up to Transgressive Records itself, ahead of a full-length LP in the near future- something they’re especially enthralled about.

Meanwhile, a tour with the recently reunited Bloc Party in October may well provide the perfect testing ground for new material, as well as being the ideal opportunity for further exposure. It’s safe to say that the Theme Park boys have got a few rides to go on yet.

Check out Theme Park’s latest single here:

Words: Alex Cull