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Sink The Pink Pop-Up Store Launch

Thursday 05 December 2013

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Sink The Pink is the night you know about. Trust me, you know. But if we were to pretend you don’t, recap HERE.

A club brand based on expression,  it seemed destined that a clothing collection would come to life one fine day. Charlie catches up with head trouble-making dazzle man Glynn on the day of the pop-up store launch.

Why now Glynn, when we’re so close to Christmas? You’re insane I say! 
Because I am a friggin’ lunatic!! As everyone winds down at this time of year it only seemed right that we were running round with clothing samples and dressing models! This is actually a project we have had on the burner for a while… we are surrounded by so many amazing people in design that it just made sense. We wanted to create a label that people who love our night would enjoy… it’s fun, wearable and a little naughty!

Is there hope that everyone will be around their family trees in a Sink The Pink look?
The vision of someone’s Grandma in one of our cock t-shirts is exciting! That would make my year.

How AMAZING would a Sink The Pink Christmas decoration collection be?
Christmas is for me the campest time of year and that’s why I love it. I mean, let’s be honest, Sink the Pink is like walking into the inside of a Christmas tree – on acid! I had this idea the other day for decorations in fact, don’t you think it would be genius to have wrecking baubles with naked Miley Cyrus on them? Swinging back and forth… Grandma in her cock tee would love that!

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Back to the collection… in an adrenaline paced paragraph, explain what the collection comprises of, what colours you’re lusting over, any unexpected places inspiration came from, and any other FASHION question that Lorraine Kelly might ask?
Well Lorraine, the collection is a definitely inspired by the things we wear, it’s very Timmy Mallet in Jamaica, haha! No, it’s leisure wear fundamentally with a luxe feel, I LOVE textures so we worked with mesh, jersey and leather. We have pink, black, marl grey and green plus a drop of neon in there naturally! The hats have some amazing stuff going on too with patent, velvet and wool!

What can we expect from the pop up store; what music will be played, will there be a tranny behind the till?
There is Lambrini day and night! It will be fun and we want it to be a friendly hang out. It’s in the basement of Etat Libre d’Orange, 61 Redchurch street, that really posh fragrance shop.  We’re bringing the chaos there! As we’re in the basement I’m calling our shop the slut drop! I will be pretending to be a shop girl named Mich whilst Jonbenet will be Shelle, and we’ll basically just be folding scarves a la Romy and Michelle! We have SO much amazing stock though so everyone should come down and check it out! If they miss out we launch on-line Friday.

And finally… anticipation for your DEY-BUUU (debut) music video. Give’us a teaser of what to expect (simply because I’ll interview you AGAIN about this when it comes out, ha)
Haha YES, I filmed this last Sunday and all of a sudden have new found respect for All Saints, them shoots go ON!!! 18 hours it took, but it’s going to look sensational! We wanted to do something really different and I think we have it… homosexuality the video drops SOON so watch this space.

Words: Charlie Matthews

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